Indonesian family NE PLC and all those who work with us are committed to operating with a proper regard to the following:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Social and Community Impact
  • Operational Health and Safety

We engage international experts who have worked with other Indonesian mining projects to advise and oversee our site management with respect to these aspects of sustainable development and good operating practice.

We are committed to leaving the mine area in good order when we finish mining, generally by re-planting rubber plantations but in some areas by applying other sustainable land management solutions. As the mine generates profits, a part of those profits will be set aside in a separate fund for this restoration work.  

We are committed to benefiting local communities. This will be achieved by creating good quality employment opportunities at the mine, running training and development programmes for employees, and by providing social development funding for upgrading local education, health, communications, recreation and general social provision.



We are committed to applying world class practices in the operation of our mines so that they meet and where possible exceed Indonesian regulatory standards on health and safety.



  Power station



We are conscious that the world, especially Asia, is building new coal fired power stations to provide efficient energy for tomorrow's commercial and domestic users. Undoubtedly, this will be a challenge for controlling global carbon emissions. We believe our coal will have a smaller carbon footprint than today's average coal used in power stations; our coal is very low in sulphar and other pollutants, we mine it open-cut (the lowest-carbon emissions method) and we aim to transport it in as low-carbon emissions a way as possible. In addition, many of the power stations in India and China that we aim to be supplying are modern and use "clean coal" technologies.